What’s been learnt, what’s overwhelmed and what’s been the biggest challenge?

As DDF approaches its third year we thought we’d share with you just what the experience has been like for each of the organisers.

First up Zoe…

What have you learnt from organising DDF?


Oh my, where to start. There really is so much! So as not to bore everyone with a big long list I would say the 3 biggest things are:

  1. A lot more detail about licensing & planning – from bars, music, insurance, security ratios, water taps, fire safety….it goes on!
  2. How to be even more efficient! When you have a full time day job as well this is key!
  3. That providing toilets and showers is the most expensive cost at the festival – lol!

What has been the biggest challenge?

Securing sunshine! Other than that it wouldn’t be right if there weren’t challenges and I’d also be really bored!

What has overwhelmed you?

Crikey I get teary eyes just thinking about this it has to be the overwhelming support we get from local people and businesses it just blows me away and the Sunday day of the festival where we get to spoil some CLIC families as it’s the perfect reminder as to why we do it all. Oh and the lovely people that come and speak to us throughout the weekend and give feedback. It’s just all in all a really fab experience.