What’s been learnt, what’s overwhelmed and what’s been the biggest challenge?

As DDF approaches its third year we thought we’d share with you just what the experiencehas been like for each of the organisers.

Last but by no means least Bonnie…

What have you learnt from organising DDF?


Well there is so much I have learnt, but here goes…the main thing is how three people who are so different can get together and organise a Volkswagen festival and make it such a success, but the thing that touches me is how proud I am of Martin and Zoe both working so hard with the wonderful Volkyfolks, our family and friends and how they all get behind us and help in so many ways, all for free and with great eagerness to do so. Big thumbs up from me to all of you!

What has been the biggest challenge?

Personally for me my biggest challenge is trying to blag as much as possible to keep our cost as low as possible, so we don’t have to hike our prices up to a level where people can’t afford to come and have a good time.

What has overwhelmed you?

Blimey! The thing that has overwhelmed me the most are people like John from Sign Vision, Chris from Stage Engage, Scott from Brandon hire and Alex and Jan from Autocamp to name a few and there are a lot to name!

They give there time, help and support for next to nothing or for free, to help us raise more money for an amazing Charity, to give all you dubbers out there a fantastic weekend, you all make me smile, thank you all for supporting us!