Tribute to Devon Conversions

We’ve had some great news this week from Brian a member of SSVC who is working on a celebration of Devon Conversions – read on to understand just why this year is so important.

From 1957 to 1989 VW buses and vans were converted to campers by Devon Conversions who were based at the Alexandria Works in Sidmouth. The company was owned by the White family, headed by the now-famous Jack White, who had previously been a builder and cabinet-maker.  The beautiful and practical interiors were largely designed by Jack’s foreman Pat Mitchell.  Over the years these campers have given many thousands of people the opportunity to enjoy memorable holidays, yet there has never been an event to celebrate this – until now!

It is fifty years since Jack died on his way to work at the wheel of his VW pick-up so we thought now would be the time to pay tribute to the White family, Pat Mitchell and the workforce who created these iconic vehicles.  Devon Dub Fest is located close to Sidmouth so is the perfect place to do this.

We hope to attract as many examples of Devon campers as possible and to make this THE event for those who still drive them and camp in them.  We are keen to get lots of early examples of splits and bays, but all Devons produced before 1989 will be welcomed. We are organizing a number of events within the show specifically for Devons including:

  • A display on Saturday of as many examples of each year and conversion type as possible situated in the ring at the centre of the show
  • Opportunities to meet some of those associated with the Alexandria Works
  • Hopefully something else rather special – watch this space!

This should be a great opportunity for Devon owners to get together so the more the merrier!