Mascot update

As many of you may know we have two trusty mascots that help us each and every year to promote Devon Dub Fest (as well as providing us with lots of smiles…well they are VWs!)

Our mascots are: Skippy the ’61 split & Doodles the ’66 bug.

Now sadly and much to Skippy’s disappointment Doodles is currently off the road and is awaiting his final diagnosis. Final diagnosis I hear you say…’what’s that all about?’

Well sadly in November last year he was involved (with my other half) in an accident early one morning. Neither Doodles or my other half were at fault it really was one of those genuine accidents.

Most importantly the other driver was fine and my other half following several weeks healing and pyshio is now pretty much fully recovered. He was a very lucky boy in the grand scheme of things.

So needless to say this is how Doodles is currently looking :(


We’re currently working hard with solicitors and insurance companies to get the diagnosis of him confirmed so we can get to work getting him back to healthy status and reporting for his Devon Dub Fest duties.

Keep your fingers crossed for us!