About DDF

Well we promised in year one (2011) we’d stay true to what we originally set out to do and indeedy we have. So here’s a bit on why DDF started and what we aim to do each year.

The Organisers:


There may only be 3 organisers but believe us we have an army behind us to make it happen! We are so, so lucky and grateful for the amazing support we get from so many each year.

How DDF started…

Devon Dub Fest has been formed through a few of us VW lovers thinking that a VW festival was missing a little closer to our own homes.

Towards the end of 2010 it was decided that it was time to bite the bullet, stop talking about it and do it! And so here we are!

What we aim for each and every year…

The festival for us organisers is all about gunning for a few things…

  • To see our visitors having a great time and with smiles on their faces
  • To raise as much money as we possibly can for our chosen charity who we will be donating every penny of profit to from organising the event
  • To give local bands and performers somewhere to share their talents with everyone

If the weekend closes and we can put a tick against all of those things then happy days!